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     FLAGPOLES                   Residential and commercial flagpoles to fit any need.

Flags Galore & More offers some of the best windsocks available on the market! These Windsocks features bright, fun colors and detailed appliqued graphics with embroidered accents.

Lighting your flag with solar power is a great way to illuminate a flag. Solar flagpole lights can be mounted to the flag pole or ground mounted.



We specialize in providing the highest quality Flags, Flagpoles, and flagpole hardware in the US.

With our extensive collection of US Flags, State Flags, Country Flags, Custom Flags, Banner Flags, Historic Flags and Military Flags there’s sure to be a flag here for everyone.

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Our flags are all made in the USA by Annin, Valley Forge, Eder,  Uncommon USA and other major US companies. We believe in supporting the American worker by selling their quality products on our web site.

Our Flagpole section offers something for residential up through major commercial grade. We treat all of customers with the same respect whether they are a contractor putting up a new school or an individual erecting a flagpole in their front yard.

We are here to assist you with picking the right flagpole for your needs. If you have a question, just give us a call and we will help you with your search for the right flagpole.

Whether your interest is in historical flags such as Military Banners or just the good ol’ American Flag, we have what you need. And we don’t stop there.